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Embroidery in the History of Humanity
One art form that has a long history is embroidery. It has taken big strides when it comes to technological advancement and brought it up to a new level as of today. Embroidery has been around since humanity began wearing clothes dating back during the Iron Age. According to history, it all began when man realized that he could use threads to join pieces of fur to create clothes. As a proof of these, you can see pictures of cavemen wearing stones and bones to accentuate the animal fur that they are wearing. That is how it started supposedly. From using the bones for decoration, they added beads and thread to create decorative patterns.
The history of embroidery is actually worldwide and covers the area of ancient Egypt, India, England, and China. Each of these countries now has their own style of sewing and embroidery styles that manages to be incorporated in the culture of images from its own tradition and history. In plenty of cases, embroidered wardrobes and clothes were considered to be a status symbol of prestige and wealth. Not only was embroidery is used to accentuate clothing and decoration but is also a way to trace the history of the culture based on the embroidery style of the fabric. Some of the samplers that are salvaged have shown how the early settlers of America brought their crafts to Europe. They used vegetables that are dyed and handspun using linen thread but there is some silk and wool thread that can also be found. The development of the thread is another interesting story from the homespun and dyed thread to today's convenience of just buying at the fabric store to select any color unimaginable and even the invisible thread made up of polyester, cotton, and other variety as well.
Embroidery has come a long way since the early days when there are just needles and threads that were used to make beautiful decorations, history, and works of art. Among the first inventions was the shuttle embroidery. Since the invention of sewing machines in the 1860s and the hand powered embroidery looms appearing last 1970s. Now, humanity already have sewing machines with one needle to help them embroider and there are even embroidery machines that can even use more than one needle and have multiple spools of thread. They can even thread the needles by themselves. Now, computerized sewing machine units that can stitch elaborate design practically by themselves exist. The future for sure has something more to offer and humanity is on the brink of witnessing that moment.
There are a lot of things concerning embroidery that are not covered in this article like designs from other cultures, how thread and other materials came about, and other materials used to accentuate and decorate clothing. Embroidery has changed throughout the years; from the hand embroidered dish towels, hand tied quilts, and other clothes that are sewn with love.
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